As the central service center for Main and Branch Campuses, the Office of Faculty Affairs and Services (OFAS) provides information to administrators and faculty to help them navigate policies and procedures that govern their rights and responsibilities as UNM employees. The Office oversees the processing of all personnel matters relevant to Main and Branch campus faculty. It helps ensure compliance with University policies and procedures, as well as State and Federal laws and regulations relevant to Main and Branch campus faculty. The Office participates and collaborates in long-range planning and policy-making by implementing new academic personnel procedures and guidelines, and provides advice, support, training and professional education relative to academic personnel matters for the academic community.

OFAS organizational Chart 


Barbara Rodriguez Image

Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Barbara Rodriguez
Email: svp@unm.edu
Phone: (505) 277-0735



Theresa Ramos
Email: tramos@unm.edu
Phone: (505) 277-9703


HR Transaction Center Representatives

Michelle Baca 
Email: mbaca38@unm.edu 
Phone: (505) 277-4543

Iris Gutierrez 
Email: igutierrez12@unm.edu 
Phone: (505) 277-5278 

Faculty Affairs & Services Consultant

Veronica Hernandez
Email: veronicahernandez@unm.edu
Phone: (505) 277-2504 

Antoinette Willis 
Phone: (505) 277-1660