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Titles, Ranks in Faculty Handbook
Appointments ChartGuide to Titles, Ranks and Statuses Recognized in the Faculty Handbook
Compensation Forms
Appointment Change Request FormTo change a faculty member’s appointment such as rank, title, status or to add an administrative appointment. Can be used to convert a retired faculty member to a working retiree status. Appointment changes required an offer letter memorializing the change to be attached. 
Appointment Percent (FTE) Change Request FormTo change a faculty member’s appointment percent for the current contract period
Compensation Change Request FormTo change a faculty member’s base salary use the annual Salary Planner process.  The Department should memorialize the reason(s) for the change in writing with the faculty member (annual review process). For base salary adjustments that must occur out of the Salary Planner process.
Extend Non-Continuing Faculty Appointment Request FormTo extend a non-continuing faculty appointment pursuant to Faculty Handbook Policy B3.1.
Faculty Non-Standard Payment FormTo compensate regular faculty (those with continuing appointments) for the provision of professional services that are above and beyond the faculty workload pursuant to C140: Extra Compensation Paid by the University.
Faculty Administrative Appointment and/or SAC Request FormTo add, modify, or end a Special Administrative Component pursuant to college or school SAC guidelines.
Reclassification FormUsed when reclassifying a position.
Request to Change Payment Installments FormFor Academic Year faculty only, to be used to change the number of payment installments to 10 or 12. The request can only be submitted prior to the start of the Academic Year because of taxation rules. Click here for more detailed information.
Teaching Overload FormFor Faculty with Continuing Appointments Only (during Fall and Spring semesters)
Temporary Part-Time Letter of UnderstandingTo rehire a TPT/Adjunct faculty on a semester by semester basis
Leave Forms
Academic Leave for Principal LecturersRefer to C250: Academic Leave For Principal Lecturers
Extended LeaveRefer to C210: Sick Leave
Leave without payRefer to C280: Leave Without Pay
Parental LeaveRefer to C215: Parental Leave
Sabbatical LeaveRefer to C200: Sabbatical Leave
Letter of Academic Title Forms
Letter of Academic Title request formRefer to Volunteer Faculty and Letters of Academic Title. Affiliate duration is up to 3 years and is renewable.
New Hire Forms
Employee Demographic FormUsed for creating a person's record in banner
ERB-Beneficiary Designation Form (Still Employed)Used to designate a beneficiary for ERB
I-9 Form - Employment VerificationFor new Hires Rehires, documents must be presented in person
Installments ChangeFor Academic Year faculty electing to pay installments
New Faculty ChecklistNew Faculty Checklist
NMERB Employer Data FormUsed in the new hire process
W-4 FormNow available to update in LOBOWEB
Post Doctoral and Temporary Part Time Forms
Post Doc Contract and Information Form (PDCIF)Post doc Contract
Professional ProfileProfessional Profile
Temporary Part-Time Faculty Supplemental Retirement FormTo report to the Educational Retirement Board (ERB) retirees, including Alternative Retirement Plan (ARP) members, who return to active employment
Temporary Part-Time Letter of UnderstandingTo rehire a TPT/Adjunct faculty on a semester by semester basis
Affiliate Forms
Data Entry Request for AffiliatesUsed to designate the role of an Affiliate, duration is up to 12 months
Affiliate Demographic FormUsed for creating a person's record in banner
Data Entry Request for FacultyUsed to preprovision new hires in UNMJobs 1.0
Separation Forms
Faculty Check outTo assist in an orderly exit from the University of New Mexico
Summer Forms
Summer Administration FormFaculty contract for conducting summer administrative work
Summer Administration ePAF GuideGuide for entering a summer administration ePAF
Summer Session FormContract for teaching summer session courses
Summer Session ePAF GuideGuide for entering a summer session ePAF
Summer Research 2017current contract for summer research
Summer Research Form Guidelines 2017Current guidelines for summer research
Summer Research ePAF Job AidGuide for completing a summer research ePAF
10 Years of Summer Research Percentages for May/August10 year list for summer research percentages
TPT/Adjunct Forms
Continuous Recruitment TemplateTemplate used for Adjunct ongoing recruitments
Weekend Class ePAF ScenariosAide for ePAF entry of weekend courses
TPT ePAF guideePAF guide for TPT rehires
Screening Matrix SampleScreening matrix sample for adjunct recruitments
Sample PAM-TPTSample PAM for adjunct recruitments
Faculty Recruitment Forms
Faculty Hiring GuidelinesGuidelines for faculty recruitments
Initial Screening ChecklistExample screening checklist for determining bonafide applicants
Search Committee ChargeExample charge to members of a faculty search committee
Faculty Search Committee HandbookHandbook to conduct fair and equitable faculty searches
Sample PAMSample PAM for faculty recruitments
Composite MatrixSample composite matrix for faculty recruitments