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Guide to Titles, Ranks in Faculty Handbook
Appointments Chart
Compensation Forms 
Appointment Change Request Form
Appointment Percent (FTE) Change Request Form
Compensation Change Request Form
Extend Non-Continuing Faculty Appointment Request Form
Faculty Non-Standard Payment Form
Faculty Administrative Appointment and/or SAC Request Form
Reclassification Form
Request to Change Payment Installments Form
Teaching Overload Form
Temporary Part-Time Letter of Understanding
Leave Forms
Academic Leave for Principal Lecturers
Extended Leave
Leave without pay
Parental Leave
Sabbatical Leave
Letter of Academic Title Forms
Letter of Academic Title request form
New Hire Forms
Employee Demographic Form
ERB-Beneficiary Designation Form (Still Employed)
I-9 Form - Employment Verification
Installments Change
New Faculty Checklist
NMERB Employer Data Form
W-4 Form
Post Doctoral and Temporary Part Time Forms
Post Doc Contract and Information Form (PDCIF)
Professional Profile
Temporary Part-Time Faculty Supplemental Retirement Form
Temporary Part-Time Letter of Understanding
Affiliate Forms
Data Entry Request for Affiliates
Affiliate Demographic Form
Pre-Provisioning Forms
Data Entry Request for Faculty
Separation Forms
Faculty Check out
Summer Forms
Summer Administration Form
Summer Administration EPAF Guide
Summer Session Form
Summer Session EPAF Guide
Summer Research 2017
Summer Research Form Guidelines 2017
Summer Research EPAF Job Aid
10 Years of Summer Research Percentages for May/August
Continuous Recruitment Template
Weekend Class EPAF Scenarios
TPT EPAF guide
Screening Matrix Sample
Faculty Hiring Guidelines
Initial Screening Checklist
Search Committee Charge
Search Committee Handbook
Sample PAM
Sample PAM-TPT
Composite Matrix