Adjunct Faculty

As defined by the Faculty Handbook section B2.3.10 Adjunct Titles 

The titles of adjunct lecturer, adjunct instructor, adjunct assistant professor, adjunct associate professor, and adjunct professor are appropriate for persons whose primary professional responsibility is outside the University or for professional staff of the University who may teach on an occasional, limited, course-by-course basis. Qualifications are the same as for regular faculty ranks and titles.

 Temporary. Adjunct Faculty are appointed to teach on an occasional, limited, course-by-course basis.

The following benefits will apply to eligible Adjunct Faculty Effective July 1, 2016.

  • Health
  • ERB

Benefits Eligibility at a Glance

Effective July 1, 2016, eligibility for certain UNM benefits was expanded for UNM employees classified as Temporary Part-Time Faculty, i.e., Adjunct Faculty.

Health Insurance Benefits

Effective July 1, 2016, UNM employees classified as Temporary Part-Time Faculty are eligible for health insurance benefits if they have an appointment of at least 3 months’ duration, and an appointment percent of 0.75 FTE or greater. 

 ERB Retirement Benefits

UNM Employees classified as Temporary Part-Time Faculty are eligible to earn retirement credits with the ERB.   ERB retirement credits are earned if an employee works 0.26 FTE or greater for a quarter as defined by ERB.  Mandatory employee contributions toward retirement credits are withheld from the employee’s paycheck.  Employee ERB contribution rates are currently 7.9% or 10.7% depending on pay rate.  Effective with the July 29, 2016 payroll, changes in programming to the University Payroll system will take effect to allow for improved tracking of employee retirement contributions and employee retirement eligibility to earn ERB service credit by quarter. 

If FTE changes make you eligible or ineligible for either health insurance benefits or retirement benefits, you will receive an email notification of the change.  These email notices will go to your UNM email account.  

Information about employee benefits is available from the HR Benefits Office, or the HR Benefits Office website:

Updated 07/06/2016